The Big Three Alliance (TBT) unites and changes the way you celebrate life by providing a medium to not only have fun and network socially, but also to promote and bring awareness to issues and initiatives that concern the community as a whole.

Beyond Brunch Sundays

Beyond Brunch Sundays, conveniently located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale at America’s Backyard Fort Lauderdale, is hands down THE best brunch in Fort Lauderdale! At Beyond Brunch Sundays, you can always expect the best DJ’s, the best drinks, and a wide array of amazing food, making it one of the best places to eat in Fort Lauderdale on a Sunday.


When: Every Sunday, 11am – 7pm

Location: America’s Backyard Fort Lauderdale

Address: 100 SW 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 

Unlimited Luxury Brunch: $50 per person

Unlimited Luxury Brunch + Bottomless Mimosas : $75 per person

BB Sundays showtime


100 SW 3rd avenue , Fort Lauderdale , FL 3312 

Doors Open at 11:00 am

Show Starts: 1 pm

For Reservations: Call: (754) 400-0378 

Email: [email protected] 

Click The Link Below For Tickets

Meet The Big Three

Don "P" Philippe


Known as the “Numbers Guy”. If it doesn’t make cents, it will not make sense to him either. Very calculated in his business approach, rarely does he make hasty decisions. He understands the roles and jobs of every individual and how they fit within the organization. His drive to succeed is fueled by his passion for success. When he’s not conducting business, he loves spending time with his family.

William "Dukes" Davis


Although a very outgoing personality, he is oftentimes portrayed to be the shy member of the group. This couldn’t be further from the truth. He has an uncanny ability to know when to let his team take over or lead by example. He is also great at building an environment of teamwork and collaboration by reinforcing the importance of diversity. During his downtime, he maintains a regular exercise schedule and incorporates healthy living to balance his active lifestyle.

Christopher "Kodak" Jacques


Has a creative vision like no one else. From décor to holding venues accountable, nothing goes unnoticed. What sets him apart from other leaders, is that he shows compassion and sensitivity to the feelings of others. He is very approachable on a personal level and makes everyone feel valued, respected and understood. There’s no doubt that he’s going to give you his all, he just asks for the same in return.